Chỉ số tham lam sợ hãi đóng cửa 6 tháng đầu 2019 ở 40, ranh giới sợ hãi và trung tính

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Time to bounce back

by finandlife29/06/2019 22:12

“Everything determines Vietnam stock market is going to bounce back at least 3 percent in coming weeks.”



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Weekend Music Flute Oogway's Legacy Kungfu Panda 3

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Viet Tien Garment Corporation (UPCOM: VGG) is a good choice to catch up textile export trend

by finandlife26/06/2019 10:24

Textile exports returned to a strong growth cycle, the growth rate of TTM is over 18% yoy.

Free trade agreements Vietnam and European (EVFTA and EVIPA) are going to be signed at the end of June. When it’s done, Vietnam is the second country in ASIAN (beside Singapore) which has those advantages.

Viet Tien Garment Corporation (UPCOM: VGG) is one of the leading textile enterprises in Vietnam, with revenue reached VND 10,000 billion (equivalent USD 500 million) and net profit after tax reached VND 470 billion (equivalent USD 200 million) will be the good choice when investors consider to catch up that trend.

The balance sheet is healthy. VGG has strong net cash (VND 1,116 billion, equivalent USD 50 million).

ROE 28%, strong dividend yield.

VGG is sold below its fair value. This is a good deal.

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Áp lực thanh khoản ngày càng lớn

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Làm sao lãi suất có thể hạ giả tạo được mãi?





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