Giá Berkshire Hathaway tăng mạnh trong lúc tiền rút khỏi các thị trường mới nổi

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Interest rate faces challenge to rise in the next year.

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Overnight interest rate increased strongly during the past few months to around 5 percent compared to the level of under 1 percent in September.

Besides, Inflation seems to stop the downtrend from the peak of 23 percent on August 2011. After hitting the level of 0 percent on September 2015, CPI starts increasing with stronger speed month by month.



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VDS|Báo cáo chiến lược 2017

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US Fed raises rates for second time since Great Recession

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"She basically came out to support the rate hike today. She is also giving a guideline for 2017 with possibly three rate hikes. This is a vote of confidence on the economy that's strong enough to support another rate hike. It paints a supportive picture for dollar. The dollar has been strong for the last 30 days. That's been the dominant move. Today that trend continues. The press conference is tempering the initial enthusiasm from the statement. More fiscal stimulus and more rate increases will create a stronger dollar but we are looking pretty far ahead. You are seeing more of a weakness against the yen at this point. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about the parity chant again on the euro with anti-establishment wind blowing there."


Official FED Rate hike


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US Fed rate hike drag on investor sentiment

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Anticipation of a US Fed rate hike Thursday and resulting foreign outflows seem to be dragging on local investor sentiment.

The Minister of Industry and Trade has just signed Decision 4846 approving a plan to simplify administrative procedures in 2017. Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) decided to completely remove 15 procedures, such as the certified declaration of imported steel and the certified demand to import steel, and simplify 108 of 443 procedures under MoIT management.

The removal and simplification of nearly 28% of all administrative procedures will help to reduce time and costs for enterprises, attract investment and stimulate business activities. This is one of the biggest measures of the government to reform and improve the business environment. In 2016, the Government has repeatedly emphasized “improving the business environment” as one of its highest priorities. In 2017, the key indicators of the business environment are targeted to reach the average of the ASEAN-4 countries. Although Vietnam's business environment has been improving recently, there are many indicators where it still lags.

PNJ: PNJ's chairwoman reaffirms the company's insulation from DongA, announced impressive 11M results
* In a meeting this afternoon with analysts, PNJ's CEO and Chairwoman, Madame Dung confirmed that, apart from the investment in DongA Bank which has been fully provisioned, PNJ and its BOD will not be affected by the investigation of said bank.

* Regarding 11M 2016 operating results, PNJ recorded a revenue growth of 9% vs 11M 2015. Retail revenue grew 28%, driven by 25 new stores and a SSSG of 10% in 11M 2016. In line with the strong retail revenue growth, PBT posted a 31% increase year over year.

* For FY2016, PNJ estimates revenue and PBT growth of 11% and 205%, respectively, which trails our current forecast.

* Our view remains that the incident related to DongA Bank will not affect PNJ fundamentally. Hence, we reiterate our BUY recommendation with a TSR of 31.5% inclusive of a 2.6% dividend yield.


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